Transformative Justice Mediation

Sometimes things don’t go well. We’re here for that, too. If you’ve found yourself involved in a consent situation you could use help navigating, we would love to support you. Informed by the restorative and transformative justice movements, we offer mediation and accountability processes to help individuals and communities respond to instances of harm. Whether you’ve had your boundaries crossed or you may have crossed someone else’s, we want to help you find a cooperative, non-punitive resolution that everyone feels good about.

You’ve had your boundaries crossed

If you feel you might have had your consent violated, the last thing you need is for some authority figure to ignore your consent in the process of responding to the harm. We have experience working with parties on all sides of a consent issue to find resolutions that lead to meaningful change, centering the consent of the person whose boundaries were crossed in the first place. You get to have as much or as little involvement in the process as feels good to you, and we will do everything possible to ensure that whoever is responsible is held accountable in ways that help them understand the impact of their actions.

You’ve been accused or are worried you may have crossed a boundary

Have you been accused of a consent violation? Want to respond in a way that shows care and acknowledges the harm done but doesn’t get you “canceled”? Or maybe you had an interaction you felt weird about and want to talk through it. Whatever happened, we’re here to support and educate, not blame or punish. We have experience designing accountability processes that promote growth and respect the humanity of everyone involved—we know you need to feel heard and respected in order to learn.

All services offered on sliding scale. Contact us for information.