“Emma and Fuzzy’s work has changed my life. By working through practical real life scenarios, we not only practiced curiosity about others’ experiences, but we learned to harness that curiosity in an integrated flow of interaction that made the workshop as delightful as a mindful retreat. Additionally, during the workshop I found myself very alive and in my body, which is rare even among the best facilitators. I cannot say how valuable this practice has been to me and how it has helped me be a better partner and friend. Now, I’m not only more aware of what I want, but I’m often told how much others appreciate my consent practice.”

Ben P., Colorado

“This is the first consent workshop I’ve been to that did not make me feel excluded as a non-binary person (and I’ve been to many)! It’s also the first I’ve been to where I feel like I learned something new. The only thing I would change is to make the workshop longer!”

Workshop participant, Franklin & Marshall College

“Emma and Fuzzy crafted and present a masterful journey from personal awareness to practice saying no, to negotiations in respectful and juicy ways.”

Online workshop participant, Pennsylvania

“It was most valuable to become more in tune with my own desires. Before this workshop, I did not realize how my own wants and needs live a little bit behind the scenes. I am excited to bring them into the spotlight more.”

Workshop participant, Franklin & Marshall College

“I loved that this workshop was applicable to ace/aro [asexual/aromantic] folks and went “beyond yes and no!” I really appreciated the dynamic between Emma and Fuzzy — adorable and fantastic!”

Glorry, Franklin & Marshall College

“[The most valuable part of the workshop was] how to notice and talk about my own desire. I feel more confident now talking about what I want.”

Workshop participant, Franklin & Marshall College

“Emma’s teaching style makes this seemingly intimidating topic much more accessible. Her dedication to the topic really shines through and her background knowledge of Somatic work made me feel like she was able to understand more than just the overt topics. Even when working with new topics or challenges, Emma was able to guide me through it. I would 10/10 recommend.”

Stephanie S., California

“Emma was extremely skillful in facilitating a conversation between me and someone with whom I had a consent run-in. She set up the conversation with great care, creating a spacious structure that supported reflective listening and focused on feelings in a way that fostered a sense of connection. Her questions and prompts were insightful, timely and wonderfully compassionate. She encouraged going further in expressing feelings and experiences in several instances that seemed particularly important and fraught. I couldn’t help noticing how present and clear-headed she remained through the whole conversation.  Her reassuring eyes helped me feel safe, and to stay engaged and in compassion.”

Jasper H.